Muslim Cleric To World “The Flag of Islam Will Fly Over the Whitehouse”


A Muslim Cleric (Emam) from Britain is once again in the spotlight. Anjem Choudary is back in the news today. This time he is in ABC World News London with a debate over Moderate vs Radical Islam. To no one’s surprise he says the “Flag of Islam Will Fly Over the Whitehouse.”

Once again he disagrees with the panel that “Islam is not the Religion of Peace, Islam is the Religion of Submission”. (See Free Patriot Article “Muslim Cleric Admits Islam is Not The Religion of Peace) He states boldly that there is no such thing as a Moderate Muslim.

The host asks him “Now you have stated that you believe in Islamic Domination. Why should people not be afraid of that?”

He responds, “First let me say that Islam has a solution for everything. You could say that Islam has a solution for every problem that mankind faces.” He also states quite boldly, “Let me just say that 9/11 was not the start of this, 9/11 was a solution. The United States Started this by bombing the Sudan and Afghanistan and supporting the pirate state of Israel”.

He says this “Ideal that you have of there are moderate Muslims and radical Muslims is complete nonsense.” When a guest on the program decided to disagree he states, “It is very easy for people to justify that they are not practicing Islam. ” and states you are either practicing or your not. He points out that the woman that said Islam is a religion of pluralism “she should be covering” with the hadjeb.

“People claim that they are vegetarian, but eating a big ole hamburger. You can not claim you are a vegetarian and be eating a hamburger.” he uses as an analogy.

Then he goes on to claim that the “Flag of Islam” will be flying over the British Capitol and the White house.

You can see this interview here:


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