Military Assaults Religious Freedom, Threatening Medical For Family

What if I told you that there was a war going on in the US Military? What if I told you that one of the war’s battles was played out over a year and is threatening to destroy the medical benefits one soldier’s family desperately needs? What if I told you that the US Military’s war was that it assaults the very religious freedom on Judea Christians while denying them to stand up for the rights of Religious Freedom guaranteed by the  First Amendment of the United States? What if the only media to cover it in over a year is branded “a threat to National Security” and having Security Clearances removed without a hearing although highly illegal under the UCMJ? It is happening right now under our very noses. 

Since before the government shut down, our nation has been at war in the military. No, I’m not talking the war in Afghanistan or Iraq. I’m not talking the potential geopolitical disasters of Syria or the Ukraine either. This war is against the very fabric of the Constitution that our soldiers swear an oath to protect.

I brought you the open letter from the Green Berets warning of an assault on the Second Amendment, but that is not the only battle. We have a direct assault on the First Amendment being played out right now, and the only national media source to cover it was deemed a threat to national security. 

Meet Layne Wilson. He is a 27 year veteran of the US Air National Guard. He served time over seas defending our country. He spent many times at locations similar to my US Military background. He wouldn’t change what he has done and would do it over. Then he wrote a letter and his world turned upside down for expressing Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. His wife’s healthcare and cancer treatment is being threatened, his career with the military being taken from him, his security clearance yanked outside the UCMJ, and all because he expressed himself.

Mr. Wilson was in his off duty hours when he looked up to see a homosexual wedding being performed as a political stunt at the West Point Chapel. This little stunt is on the heals of an announcement that you can wear your uniform to a LGBT parade, but to wear your uniform to a political rally otherwise is against the UCMJ and can get you thrown out of the service. He expressed his displeasure with the decision to the West Point Chaplain. 

“This is wrong on so many levels,” Wilson wrote. “If they wanted to get married in a hotel that is one thing. Our base chapels are a place of worship and this is a mockery to God and our military core values. I have proudly served 27 years and this is a slap in the face to us who have put our lives on the line for this country. I hope sir that you will take appropriate action so this does not happen again.”

The problem is, although it was a private email to the supposed religious leader on the expression of religious freedom, does not contain a threat, and does not threaten the day to day operations of the US Armed Services, it was intercepted by the XO of the Military School and landed on the desk of the Commandant of Cadets. Although highly illegal and against confidentiality, it was not only in that commander’s hands but forwarded to Wilson’s commanding officer, LTC Tobias. Although it was well within the UCMJ and USC codes for him to write such a letter, the Military has deemed his head on a platter for attacking the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) despite homosexual marriage being against the Defense of Marriage Act and outlawed in all but a handful of states. It had nothing to do with DADT, and everything to do with defense of traditional marriage. He was not threatening Homosexuals in the Military. He wasn’t even talking about them being in the military. He simply stated he did not agree with an unlawful ceremony being conducted as a political stunt. 

The first reprimand he received for this violated the UCMJ and Article 15 without so much as a hearing. He received a reprimand placed in his permanent file. 

“You are hereby reprimanded,” read a letter from Lt. Col. Kevin Tobias. “As a noncommissioned officer you are expected to maintain a standard of professional and personal behavior that is above reproach. You have failed!”

It is illegal to punish a soldier without a hearing and against the laws of the US. It is called an unlawful order and will not be recognized under the UCMJ, but that doesn’t stop the Obama Administration or the current commanders of the Armed services, especially this man’s commanding officer. The punishment does not stop there. 

Todd Starnes (Link Article Here) from Fox News picked up the story and researched it himself. He found that Wilson had his six year contract reduced to one year. There was no reason for it given by LTC Tobias. The Air Force and Air National Guard refused to comment. Due to the article going out through the family, not the soldier, he received yet another reprimand.against the UCMJ and non-judicial punishment. 

Then the military yanked Wilson’s security clearance so he could not even do his job in the military. Again, no formal hearing, no Court Marshal, no Article 15 were presented. The fact that it was covered by Fox, Wilson’s attorney and Fox was informed by the Department of Defense that the article was a threat to National Security and that Wilson’s Facebook page was being monitored. The situation gets worse. 

Wilson’s wife is suffering through stage 4 Breast Cancer. Tricare has refused payment a couple of times through this ordeal. Now with his career up in the air, so is the treatments for the cancer. This isn’t just affecting him, but his family. He was given a notice that he would no longer being retained due to not being able to conduct his job in the service due to his security clearance, a clearance they took due to the Military’s actions against the UCMJ that according to Wilson’s attorney told Fox was due to two Facebook posts and Fox New’s coverage, and that through selective service he was no longer going to be employed. Without full retirement or 100% medical disability, they do not cover the family of service members and the service members themselves are only covered for a specific period of time by the VA Medical, although that can be seen in some areas as punishment in itself. So what is to become of his wife and the treatments? So now the military is not only into unjust punishment of the soldier, but his family as well?

The sad part is this is one case. I have received three since returning to writing full time. In all cases it is the same modus operandi. Then we have the MSM trying to label veterans as these “lone wolf” vigilantes out to destroy the government, and causing mass shootings. It is the furthest thing from the truth, and again blames anything other then the individuals responsible for these crimes, but it seems that truth and media are like oil and water lately. There is a war going on with the military, a war to take a soldiers rights, label them a terrorist, and force them to the breaking point if they don’t follow unlawful orders.

Since Wilson stepped up, the Supreme Court has shot down parts of the Defense of Marriage Act, giving even more ammunition to this  administration to snipe the careers of people who step up in the Military to voice an opinion. This is the same rights that they swear to uphold and protect for anyone else. They are even harming family members that don’t do anything because the soldier speaks up. Meanwhile the Military is allowed to teach that any soldier or veteran that doesn’t agree are right wing extremists and a danger to the very fabric of the country they swore to protect. 

How long do we allow these battles to continue before we as a nation say enough is enough and start petitioning our grievances to government as per the US Constitution to protect these individuals? We live in a free society, protected by individuals that give so much freedom only to be accosted by the very government they protect. Isn’t it time that our lawmakers choose to do the same and protect these individuals? Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake of Arizona where this happened should be speaking up. Other senators that have cases like this should be speaking up. The Senate Armed Services Committee  should be speaking up. Instead we have silence as these men and women are becoming ever more a casualty of a battle that should never be in the first place. We can choose to be a voice for these individuals, or we can stay silent as our rights are stripped from us because we have it labeled hate speech to voice an opinion.

One Amendment falls and like dominoes they all fall. If we wake up in that world without rights, and we said nothing, then we have no one to blame but ourselves. 


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