Beer for Christ? Tulsa Church Creates Controversy



group of Tulsa, Oklahoma, churches is creating quit the media storm this week. A new evening service is offering beer for Christ.

The East Side Christian Church is partnering with four Tulsa churches to hold a beer and hymns service this weekend. They have even invited Portland author Christian Piatt.

This will be the final service to wrap up a week long discussion on what they feel should be the future of the Christian church world wide.

“It’s a chance to reach a wide demographic of people to ask the questions of what’s happening in our Christian world, what’s happening in our churches, and what’s happening in our community.”~ Pastor Taylor.

Piatt is the author of “Post Christian”. Taylor is the pastor of the church in Tulsa. They are hoping that the promise of a couple beers will entice people to come and participate in the service.

“Everybody is welcome, no questions are banned. No holds barred. Just come and respect each other’s opinions, and have a good honest conversation about God.”~Pastor Taylor

They are saying don’t worry about the house of worship becoming a fraternity house. This is just the close and not going to be a every Sunday thing. They say they will also be checking IDs of anyone that wants a beer.

“I think it’s a little surprise for some people here in Oklahoma, but we like to rattle the cage a little bit,” said Evan Taylor, outreach pastor at East Side Christian Church.~ KFOR Oklahoma

While there is no prohibition of alcohol in the bible, it does have certain occasions in which it is permissible in the building. Christ’s first miracle was turning water into wine for a wedding. Paul told Timothy to drink his wine for his stomach medicine. Wine was served with the Last Supper. Excess was never permissible.

You can see the news interview here:

To me, I find it a bit strange with the beheading in Oklahoma City, and a man driving over the 10 Commandment statue and urinating on it (saying he was told by Satan) to do so, for any member of the pulpit to want to have a party, I think they need to be morally grounded before “discussing” changing the service to appease a few with what many are calling drunken debauchery.I also believe they need to ground themselves in fundamentals before breaking out the party.

What do you think?

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